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Two Arm Mower-DMBC
DMBC Two Arm Mower

Two Arm Mower-DMBC

Hydraulic Between-Row Weed-Mower with DoubLE head and independent frame, ideal for all ecological and mechanical controls of the weeds in vineyard and orchard.
It is driven by the tractor’s hydraulics. Equipped with indipendent frame.
The machine consists of a mowing head with cord-filaments rotor, positioned parallel to the ground surface. During the working phase, and by means of the centrifugal force in the rotor, the cords will reach and shred the stem's weed and the grass in between.
Absolutely clean results without damaging the tree trunks and even light stems!
Product Detail

DMBC Two Arm Mower


Power required :18-50hp;

.Operating speed :2-4km/h;.

Oil pressure:140-180bar;.

Weight :approx 200kg;

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