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Wood chipper

ZANO MACHINERY is a wood chipper supplier and manufacturer from china.As a  wood chipper supplier and manufacturer,we mainly sell wood chippers and wood chipper attachments,We can not only guarantee the product quality of wood chippers and wood chipper attachment, but also provide customers with low prices.The wood chipper supplier and manufacturer produce the wood chipper that has the characteristics of compact structure,reasonable layout,small floor area and space saving the wood chipper is mainly composed of a hydraulic feed roller,blade,reverse steel and other parts.


Our wood chipper can be equipped with various powers according to their own needs, including motors or diesel engines with the same power.It is designed into the fixed chipper and mobile chipper.As a wood chipper supplier and manufacturer,at present,we mainly produce bx42 wood chippers and bx42rs/62rs/92rs/102rs wood chippers,We also produce and sell wood chipper attachments.Our wood chipper and wood chipper attachment are designed by professional engineers according to European and American safety standards.We can provide perfect after-sales service for wood chippers and wood chipper attachments.

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