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Rotary Tiller

ZANO is a rotary tiller manufacturer from china, as a rotary tiller manufacturer we can keep high quality while ensuring a low price for the rotary tiller. The rotary tiller manufacturer produces rotary tillers that can be wholesale so the price of the rotary tiller is cheaper. And we produce the rotary tiller designed by professional engineers based on Europe and American safety standards, and it can be used together with a tractor. This kind of rotary tiller has the characteristics of strong soil-breaking ability and a flat surface after tillage. The rotary tiller is mainly used in orchards and vineyards to loosen soil and remove weeds. There are many types of rotary tillers. At present, we mainly produce rotary cultivators including small-size rotary tillers such as >TL rotary tillers, heavy-duty rotary tillers such as SB stone buriers, and multi-purpose rotary tillers such as IGNA rotary tillers.

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