VCDH mowers
VCDH mowers
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The VCDH mowers are multitasking machines targeted to the green maintenance professionals and they are specifically designed for tractors with rear and front P.T.O. Therefore, the design has paid particular attention to the details that distinguish a professional machine from a traditional shredder. The rotor benefits from the helical arrangement of the cutting tools to evenly distribute the workload and allow the best balancing obtaining a significant vibration reduction. The counterweights are distributed on the balancing discs and not welded to the rotor. The frame is characterized by an encased structure with two separate beams, one in the front and the other in the upper section to ensure the best ratio between weight and rigidity. Other details such as the tubular skids,hydraulic movement, the roller with bolted flanges and the belt transmission with its belt tightner place the VCDH series at the top of the professional shredders.

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