How to operate the flail mower
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Flail mower, also known as lawn mowers and lawn mowers, are common equipment for garden maintenance. It is necessary to master the correct use methods before operating the lawn mowers. Before startup, check whether there is oil leakage in the oil tank and whether there is anyone in the dangerous area, and then correctly wear safety helmet, goggles and other labor protection articles. During the operation, the proper traveling route and speed shall be selected according to the terrain and grass density, and the road conditions shall be observed in time. So how do we operate the lawn mower? Let's give you a detailed introduction.

We can operate the flail mower according to the following steps:

1、When the flail mower is used for weeding, the first step is to fill the fuel. As long as the cap on the filler is unscrewed, the fuel can be filled.

2、There is an air door on the flail mower. The principle is similar to that on the motorcycle. If it can't be started, the air door can be adjusted larger and then closed.

Flail mower

3、Generally, the damper on the flail mower does not need to be adjusted. When starting the flail mower, just pull the pull rod handle on the flail mower and pull it for 5-6 times to start the flail mower.

4、The throttle control on the mower is used to control the rotation speed of the cutter head of the mower. The larger the throttle, the higher the rotation speed.

5、When the flail mower does not need to be used, stop the engine and stop the engine. When using the flail mower, pay attention to safety.

The above is about how to operate the flail mower. ZANO MACHINERY is a manufacturer of flail mower. At present, we mainly produce two kinds of flail mower: efg 125 flail mower and agl 165 flail mower. Our flail mower are designed by professional engineers according to European and American safety standards. At the same time, we have experienced staff and advanced equipment to ensure high quality. Welcome to consult if you need!

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