Wood Chipper Supplier: Introduction and Classification
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The wood chipper, manufactured by reliable wood chipper suppliers, can cut round wood, square wood, small-diameter wood, and branch wood with a diameter of less than 200mm. It is widely used in wood chip processing bases, paper mills, pulp mills, etc. There are different classifications of wood chippers. Now let the wood chipper supplier give you a detailed introduction!


wood chipper supplier

There are two main classifications of wood chippers, one is called drum wood chipper and the other is called disc wood chipper. These two types of wood chippers are used to chip wood, but their emphasis is different.


The drum wood chipper is much larger than the disk wood chipper. The drum wood chipper is equipped with a feeding and discharging conveyor belt, which is suitable for automatic production. The price is much more expensive than the disk wood chipper, with an average price of more than 30000 yuan. The wood chips cut by the drum wood chipper are relatively uniform. Some paper mills need clean chips. The logs need to be peeled by the wood barker first and then chipped by the drum wood chipper. Drum wood chipper is more suitable for paper mills, chipboard mills, fiberboard mills, chip production bases, and chip export bases. It can cut high-quality industrial wood chips with uniform growth, smooth cut, and uniform thickness, as well as branches and plates.


Compared with the drum wood chipper, the disc wood chipper has the advantages of lightweight and easy movement. The power mode of disc wood chipper can be electric or diesel engine. It is convenient for mobile production. It is suitable for customers who need to change their workplaces frequently because their workplaces are not fixed. The wood chips produced by the disc chipper are widely used in papermaking, chipboard, MDF, etc. The main raw materials are logs.


As a professional wood chipper supplier, we can provide customers with different types of wood chippers according to their needs. Our wood chippers have been widely used in wood chip processing bases, paper mills, pulp mills, etc. We can also provide customers with customized services to meet their individual needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


The above is an introduction to the classification of wood chippers. ZANO is a wood chipper supplier from china. We have many years of experience in producing and selling wood chippers. At present, the wood chippers we produce are not only of good quality but also relatively cheap. If necessary, please come to consult us!

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