Mini track excavator supplier teaches you how to maintain a track excavator
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As a mini track excavator supplier, this time we introduce you to the mini track excavator. When it comes to mini track excavators, many constructors are familiar with them. The mini track excavator supplier produces mechanical equipment that is widely used and can play an important role in many fields. They can not only carry out efficient construction work in the engineering construction but also carry out trenching work in the orchard. So how to maintain the mini track excavator? To solve this problem, let's let ZANO, a mini track excavator supplier, give you a detailed introduction!


mini track excavator supplier

How to maintain a mini track excavator, we need to focus on the following three things:


1. Before the construction of your mini track excavator, comprehensively check the connection of all parts of the machine body to see if they are firmly connected. Tighten the loose parts in time to prevent the loose parts from falling off due to vibration and impact during the operation of the machine, which will lead to the occurrence of a machine failure rate.


2. Regularly lubricate your mini track excavator to ensure that the mini track excavator can get a good lubrication effect. Select the appropriate lubricating oil according to the construction environment and other factors, and apply it to all bearing parts, which can effectively reduce the friction between parts, thus extending the service life of all parts.


3. For the aging and severely worn parts of the body of the mini track excavator, they should be replaced in time, and the engine oil should be checked and replaced regularly. If the engine oil is insufficient, it should be filled in time. When replacing the engine oil, it should be noted that the old oil and impurities at the bottom of the tank should be cleaned before adding new oil. Do not mix the new oil with the old one to prevent the oil from deteriorating.


Proper maintenance can make mini track excavators work with "twice the result with half the effort", so we should take good care of our mini track excavators. As a mini track excavator supplier from china, ZANO has many years of experience in producing and selling mini track excavators. We have a 12000 square meter standardized workshop, and our mini track excavator is designed by professional engineers according to European and American safety standards. At the same time, we have experienced staff and advanced equipment to ensure the high quality of mini track excavators. Moreover, our mini track excavator has obtained CE certification. If you need a mini track excavator, please contact us!

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