How to operate phd post hole digger
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Phd post hole digger is suitable for digging holes when planting various seedlings and burying electric poles. The phd post hole digger produced by ZANO can be customized according to the needs of customers, and the cutter head of the phd post hole digger uses the alloy inlaid drill tip, which can more quickly run in the hole. Phd post hole digger can be equipped with a variety of drill bits to drill holes of different sizes. Phd post hole digger has the advantages of high efficiency, speed, time and labor saving.


phd post hole digger

The following steps should be followed when operating the phd post hole digger:


1Please read the "Instructions for Safe Operation" before drilling. It is recommended to select some soft soil for trial drilling first, which will help you to be familiar with the performance and use method of the excavator, or invite experienced personnel to carry out guidance work on site.


2During the drilling operation, hold the handle of the bracket tightly with your left hand, hold the throttle switch and the handle of the bracket tightly with your right thumb and other fingers, put your feet on the ground, the distance is far wider than your shoulder, and keep a proper distance between your body and the drill bit, which helps to maintain balance and effectively control your body.


3At the beginning of drilling, let the bit head of the phd post hole digger insert into the ground and then slowly increase the throttle. Do not suddenly increase the throttle, otherwise, the bit will jump due to no positioning point and cause personal injury to you.


4When you feel that the drilling is very difficult, you can properly repeat the lifting of the body of the phd post hole digger up and then continue to drill down.


5Hold the support handle of phd pile hole excavator tightly, which will help reduce the occurrence of resistance and rebound, and effectively maintain the control of phd post hole digger.


After understanding the operation steps of phd post hole digger, we can better operate phd post hole digger to dig holes. ZANO is a manufacturer of phd post hole diggers. We have many years of experience in producing and selling phd post hole digger. At present, our phd post hole diggers are designed by professional engineers according to European and American standards, which can ensure the low price of phd post hole diggers and the product quality!

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