Solution to Common Problems of hydraulic trimmer
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Hydraulic trimmer is a powerful tool in the garden pruning industry. Using them can save time and reduce labor intensity. hydraulic trimmer is often used to trim green plants and shrubs. The motor output shaft of the hydraulic trimmer is equipped with a blade, which uses the motor to rotate at high speed to achieve the trimming function. In the process of using a hydraulic trimmer, we often encounter some problems, and in fact, there are corresponding solutions to these problems. Let's let the hydraulic trimmer manufacturer give us a detailed introduction!

hydraulic trimmer


Hydraulic trimmer trimming is weak: It is recommended to check whether the blade of the Hydraulic trimmer is sharp, and if it is blunt, it needs to be polished. In addition, check whether the leaves of the pruned object are dense and whether the branches are sturdy. If so, reduce the pruning speed and reduce the motor load.


There are problems with the battery of the hydraulic trimmer: As the working time of the motor increases, the supporting lithium battery of the hydraulic trimmer will generate heat. The backpack type lithium battery is equipped with a heat dissipation system. Even so, in the actual use process, it is recommended to take a break after a long time of use, not only to let the temperature of the supporting lithium battery drop, but also to give the staff a rest.


Abnormal sound phenomenon occurs in the hydraulic trimmer: Generally speaking, the internal components of the hydraulic trimmer is damaged, and if any abnormality is found during use, it is necessary to stop the machine for inspection. Such failures are relatively troublesome. It usually takes half an hour to an hour to determine which fault has occurred, and then repair it after identifying the fault.


The above is an introduction to the solutions to common problems with hydraulic trimmer. ZANO is a manufacturer of hydraulic trimmer. We have rich experience in producing and selling hydraulic trimmer. Currently, our hydraulic trimmer is designed by professional engineers in accordance with European and American standards. Compared with peers, it is not only cheap but also guaranteed in terms of product quality.

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