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Pto Driven Backhoe-BHM
BHM Pto Driven Backhoe

Pto Driven Backhoe-BHM

The BHM backhoe produced is a pto driven backhoe.This BHM backhoe(pto driven backhoe) can be installed on the three-point linkage of the tractor, so as to achieve the effect of easy loading and unloading and convenient replacement of other machines and tools. The boom of this BHM backhoe(pto driven backhoe) rotates within 180 °, but cannot move left or right.
Product Detail

The action of pto driven backhoe is to dig soil, which can dig trench downward. PTO driven backhoe can be operated in two ways: trench end excavation and trench side excavation. The bucket of pto driven backhoe can only dig soil downward and inward. It is mainly used for the excavation of foundation pits (trenches) or pipe trenches, independent foundation pits and slopes below the working surface. It can excavate Class I to III soil below the parking surface. PTO driven backhoe is suitable for the excavation of foundation pits, foundation trenches and pipe trenches with a depth of no more than 4m. PTO driven backhoe is also suitable for the excavation of wet soil, soil with large water content and soil below the groundwater level, and soil at a higher groundwater level.


1.PTO driven backhoe is characterized by backward downward and forced soil cutting, and its digging force is equivalent to that of front shovel excavator.

2.PTO driven backhoe can excavate straight line, curve, keep a certain angle, ultra deep ditch and ditch slope.

3.PTO driven backhoe is characterized by high working efficiency, wide adaptability to working environment, simple operation and strong flexibility.


Pto Driven Backhoe

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