What are the advantages of hydraulic mower
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Nowadays, the hydraulic mower is used very frequently. It is mainly used in garden decoration and pruning, lawn greening and pruning, urban streets, green scenic spots, garden pruning, field weeding and other places. The hydraulic mower can also be used to repair the grass and grassland in the park, other grass fields such as football fields, private villas and gardens, and the vegetation of agricultural, forestry and animal husbandry fields. What are the advantages of the hydraulic mower? Let's give you a detailed introduction.

The hydraulic mower has the following advantages:

High efficiency: generally, each hydraulic mower can cut more than 667 square meters of grass per day, which is 16 times as effective as manual weeding.

hydraulic mower

Good benefit: due to the fast rotation speed of the hydraulic mower, the cutting effect of the orchard weeds is good, especially for the weeds with high height. Generally, weeds are weeded 3 times a year, which basically meets the requirements of weeding.

Soil and water conservation: the hoe is used for weeding manually. Since the topsoil is loosened at the same time of weeding, certain water and soil loss is often caused. The water and soil loss caused by manual weeding on the ladder sill will be more serious. The hydraulic mower is used for weeding, because it only cuts off the overground part of the weeds and has little impact on the soil surface. In addition, the soil fixation effect of grass roots is extremely beneficial to water and soil conservation.

Increase fertility: the hydraulic mower shall be used for weeding, and the weeding shall not be carried out until the weeds grow to a certain height. A large number of weeds can cover the orchard, and can be used as organic fertilizer of the orchard to increase soil fertility.

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