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PTO backhoe

The PTO backhoe is driven by the tractor's PTO,the backhoe is only connected to the tractor's three-point linkage.PTO backhoe is equipped with top PTO hydraulic pump for power supply.The PTO backhoe has the advantages of flexible operation and fast slewing speed.The PTO backhoe is smaller in tonnage and bucket capacity than the front shovel excavator, and has stronger cutting force, which is suitable for various working conditions.The PTO backhoe is a multi-purpose equipment, this PTO backhoe is very suitable for excavation and earthwork, digging ditches or ditches, laying cables or pipes, cleaning dams or sumps, etc.ZANO MACHINERY is a PTO backhoe manufacturer from china. Our PTO backhoe is suitable for a variety of tractors, usually Class 1 or Class 2 tractors. At present, the PTO backhoe we produce mainly include pto driven backhoe, pto powered backhoe and phd post hole digger. Our PTO backhoe is designed by professional engineers according to European and American safety standards. At the same time, we have experienced staff and advanced equipment to ensure the high quality of PTO backhoe.

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