What are the advantages of hydraulic trimmer
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Hydraulic trimmer are mainly used in large-scale pruning projects such as expressways, municipal gardens, urban beautification, pruning machines and tea gardens. The appearance of hydraulic hedge cutter reduces people's workload and improves work efficiency. Hydraulic trimmer has some advantages such as high degree of automation technology, good pruning effect, flush pruning surface and beautiful appearance.

The hydraulic trimmer produced by ZANO MACHINERY mainly has the following advantages:


After the overall design optimization, the weight of this model is significantly reduced, the power consumption is greatly reduced, and the loading and unloading are convenient on the premise of the functional leap. The working posture of the machine is adjusted by hydraulic drive, with soft, stable and reliable action; An advanced electronic control system is designed, and the driver can adjust the trimming posture arbitrarily through the remote controller.


In order to adapt to the characteristics of expressway operation and highlight the safety concept, this model has designed a complete electrical control logic, which can fundamentally avoid the operation accidents caused by misoperation through electronic interlocking. In order to prevent the equipment from leaving the site due to the electrical fault during the operation, the emergency treatment device is designed for this model, which can return the equipment and evacuate the work site through manual intervention.

Hydraulic trimmer


The independent working head structure is adopted to solve the shortcomings of belt drive such as high no-load power consumption, high failure rate and difficult maintenance for users, and only one or two main motors can be started according to the working conditions.

ZANO MACHINERY is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of hydraulic trimmer. Our products are designed by professional engineers according to European and American safety standards. At the same time, we have experienced staff and advanced equipment to ensure high quality. Welcome to consult if you need!

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