How to maintain the flail mower
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Flail mower is a kind of mechanical tool mainly used for cutting lawn and vegetation. It is mainly used in garden decoration pruning, lawn greening pruning, private villa garden pruning and other places. To make the flail mower work efficiently, regular maintenance is essential. The following describes how to maintain the flail mower.

In addition to routine maintenance, the flail mower also has regular maintenance, that is, every 150 hours of operation of the flail mower, a regular maintenance is required. The regular maintenance is mainly to replace the engine lubricating oil and the gear oil of each gearbox.

Change engine oil: there is an oil drain at the front lower part of the engine. Unscrew the drain to drain the old oil, tighten the drain, and then open the oil filler to fill with appropriate oil. In summer, use 40w-50w oil and in winter, use 5-30w oil.

Flail mower

Replace gear oil: there is a set of transmission gears in the cutter, and the gear oil must be replaced regularly. There is an oil drain at the front and lower part of the cutter. Open the oil drain to drain the gear oil. After the oil is completely drained, tighten the oil drain and pour a certain amount of clean kerosene. Then, gently shake the machine body, drain the gasoline and tighten the oil drain to refill the clean gear oil, There is a gear oil filler above the cutter. Open the filler and add gear oil.

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