What is the working principle of mini excavator tracks
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The mini excavator tracks can be used in various narrow construction environments because of its mini body. In municipal construction projects, it can easily enter the elevator by digging trenches and burying underground pipelines. It can also wear a breaking hammer to break the walls of indoor decoration, including the trench excavation in the orchard greenhouse. The following mainly introduces the working principle of the mini excavator tracks.

The mini excavator tracks adopt high-standard structural parts, which are solid and can work for a long time under harsh construction environment. The turning radius is small, and it can also cope with the construction in a narrow space. It is equipped with advanced hydraulic system, and the joint operation of the whole machine is smooth and consistent, with sensitive response. It is equipped with comfortable leather seats to alleviate the fatigue of the staff in the work. It has a wide operating angle and can be equipped with a sunshade roof, The cab can also be equipped with night construction lighting to ensure the supply of light sources required for construction.

mini excavator track

When the mini excavator track is running, the driving wheel will generate a tension under the action of the track, trying to pull the track out from the roller. Since the track under the roller and the ground have sufficient adhesion, the pulling out of the track is prevented, forcing the driving wheel to drive the track, and the guide wheel to lay the track on the ground, so that the excavator can run forward along the track with the roller.

When the mini excavator track is turning, the traveling motor installed on the two crawlers and supplied with oil by two hydraulic pumps can easily turn or turn on the spot through the control of the oil circuit, so as to adapt to the movement of the excavator on various ground and sites.

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