What is a post hole digger
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The post hole digger is a spiral blade drilling machine, which is installed on a hydraulic excavator or a sliding loader. The hydraulic oil supplied by the main engine is operated through the hydraulic motor in the driving head and the reduction box. The power is output to the lower end of the drill pipe. The lower end of the drill pipe is welded with a spiral vortex blade and a special drill bit. The spiral drill is drilled downward into the soil layer to form a circular hole.

The hydraulic power of the post hole digger is provided by the hydraulic excavator engine, which belongs to the front-end device of the excavator, also known as the auxiliary equipment of the excavator. The post hole digger kit includes the main machine quick coupler, hydraulic drive head, square mounting link head, spiral drill pipe, spiral blade, easy to install gear seat, auxiliary group gear and main drilling gear. The main engine quick link is provided with a slide and a balance bar to enable the drill to work quickly in multiple directions and ensure the verticality of the drill. It can not only flexibly coordinate the operation with the ground, but also protect the drill pipe.

The rotary hole excavator has the following advantages:

1、High efficiency: the post hole digger has strong power, and the earth pit with a diameter of 50 cm and a depth of 2 meters can be completed in about 1 minute. The efficiency is more than 100 times that of the traditional manual excavation method, and 5-7 times that of the rear type excavation equipment;

2、Simple operation; The post hole digger realizes the integration of driving and operation, and 1-2 operators can successfully complete the excavation and drilling of various soil pits;

post hole digger

3、High operation quality: the equipment is designed with the drill bit in front, which is easier to find the drilling point than the rear type. The high-strength drill bit, torsion resistant and tensile spiral drill pipe are used, and the center is positioned. The excavated soil pit is straight and solid, with little soil surplus in the pit and a large depth of 3.5m;

4、Strong adaptability: since tractors or excavators are used as the manufacturing platform of this equipment, this type of equipment has strong off-road performance, and can be well adapted to complex terrain such as hills and mountains, and can work on most soil layers such as loess layer, clay layer, gravel layer containing cobbles, weathered rock layer, frozen soil layer, full sand layer and domestic garbage layer;

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