How to maintain the rotary tiller
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Rotary tiller is a supporting machine for tractor operation, which can be divided into walking tractor supporting rotary tiller and wheeled tractor supporting rotary tiller according to supporting power. Compared with ploughing and harrowing, rotary tiller has the advantages of good soil breaking performance, wide adaptability and high operation efficiency. Normal maintenance is essential if the rotary tiller is to work normally. The following details how to maintain the rotary tiller.

The maintenance of rotary tiller mainly includes the following contents:

  1. Check and tighten the connecting bolts;

  2. Check whether vulnerable parts such as pins and cotter pins are damaged, and replace them if necessary;

  3. Check whether the transmission case, ten bytes and bearings are lack of oil, and replenish immediately if necessary!

  4. rotary tiller

After the completion of each operation quarter, the rotary cultivator shall be maintained quarterly, including:

1.Mud dust and oil dirt on machines and tools;

2.Replace lubricating oil and grease;

3.Check whether the blade is excessively worn and replace it if necessary;

4.Check whether the hood, carriage, etc. are deformed, restore them to their original shape or replace them with new ones;

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