What is the function of log grabber
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The existing log grabber is mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical log grabber need to be driven by machinery to achieve the effect of grasping wood; The hydraulic log grabber needs to realize the grasping action through the hydraulic motor and the hydraulic oil cylinder set at the claw. In order to maintain synchronization, the prior art also sets a coaxial connecting rod structure to ensure the consistency of the two claw actions.

The operation of log grabber is realized by excavator, and the four-bar linkage at the front end of the working device is pushed by controlling the expansion and contraction of the bucket oil cylinder, so that the left and right pawls of the log grabber can maintain a vertical downward grasping posture, which is convenient to connect and flexible to grasp.

log grabber

In addition to the basic mechanical structure, the grasping power of the log grabber mainly comes from the role of the hydraulic system. The mechanical log grabber is connected with the mechanical arm of the excavator, and the oil pipeline is also connected. For this type of log grabber, the matching of the two models should be considered when selecting machines and tools, not only the matching of weight, but also the matching of hydraulic power.

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