What are the characteristics of ATV flail mower
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As an important tool in agricultural production, ATV flail mower has the most direct impact on crop yield. ATV flail mower can improve work efficiency and realize mechanization of agricultural development. ATV flail mower is applicable to the weeding work in plains, hills, terraces, orchards and other places. The following details the features of ATV flail mower.

ATV flail mower mainly has the following characteristics:

Good benefit: because ATV flail mower rotates fast, it has a good cutting effect on weeds in the orchard, especially for those with high tenderness. Weeding is generally carried out three times a year, basically meeting the weeding requirements.

Water and soil conservation: The manual use of hoes to hoe often causes certain water and soil loss because the topsoil is loosened while weeding. The manual weeding on the ladder will cause more serious water and soil loss. However, using ATV flail mower to weed is only to cut the overground part of weeds, which has little impact on the soil surface. In addition, the soil fixation effect of grass roots is extremely beneficial to water and soil conservation.

ATV flail mower

Increase fertility: use ATV flail mower to weed after the weeds grow to a certain height. A large number of weeds can cover the orchard, and can also be used as organic fertilizer to increase soil fertility. Scope of use: It is applicable to all kinds of weeds such as reeds, alfalfa, fish grass, etc. in plains, hills, terraces, orchards, deltas and other large and small plots, with simple operation and high efficiency.

The above is some introduction about the characteristics of ATV flail mower. ZANO is a ATV flail mower manufacturer from china, and we have very rich production experience about ATV flail mower. At present, our ATV flail mowers are designed by professional engineers according to European and American safety standards. Welcome to consult if necessary!

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