How to maintain a hydraulic flail mower
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The hydraulic flail mower supplier produces the function of a hydraulic flail mower is to weed or trim and maintain the lawn. Lawn is very common in daily life, and can be seen everywhere, such as roadsides, residential areas, courts, parks, etc. The lawn has a beautiful and neat appearance, which is carefully maintained by a lawn trimmer. The hydraulic flail mower is a commonly used tool in lawn maintenance work. To achieve efficient operation of hydraulic flail mowers, daily maintenance and upkeep are essential. So how should we maintain a hydraulic flail mower? To address this issue, let the hydraulic flail mower supplier introduce it to everyone!


hydraulic flail mower supplier

The maintenance of hydraulic flail mowers is mainly divided into three parts: blade maintenance, casing maintenance, and the maintenance of the hydraulic flail mower itself.


Blade maintenance:


1. Regularly check the connection between the blade and the shaft to avoid the blade colliding with other objects during use.


2. When grinding the blade, it is necessary to follow the rotation direction of the blade to ensure that both edges are ground uniformly.


3. Before installing the blade, lubricating oil should be applied to the rotating part of the connection to prevent rust and prevent disassembly.


4. If not used for a long time, clean the surface of the blade and apply lubricating oil to prevent rusting.


Maintenance of the machine casing: After each use of the hydraulic flail mower, the inner and outer walls of the casing must be cleaned to prevent debris such as grass shavings, leaves, and mud from sticking to it. If the inspection is not conducted in a timely manner, it will cause the lawn mower to rust.


Maintenance of hydraulic flail mowers:


1. Clean once a day, and if the working environment is not good, clean every three hours.


2. The exterior of the lawn mower should be regularly wiped with a cloth or brush to ensure cleanliness.


3. The pull rod shaft should be lubricated regularly to prevent rusting.


4. Weeds, debris, and dust on the protective gear should be removed every day to prevent damage to the motor due to overheating or overspeed.


5. When not in use for a long time, it should be cleaned and stored in a dry and ventilated place.


The maintenance work of hydraulic flail mower is indispensable. Strictly following the maintenance process can effectively improve the service life of the lawn mower and reduce usage costs.


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