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Hydraulic Flail Mower-AGMA
hydraulic flail mower supplier

Hydraulic Flail Mower-AGMA

ZANO MACHINERY is a hydraulic flail mower supplier from china. The AGMA fail mower produced by us is widely used. It can cut grass, branches, and corn stalks. It is easy to maintain and replace hammers. If you are finding a hydraulic flail mower supplier, please contact us.

The versatility of use is the main strength of the AGMA model. The sturdy frame and high rpm of the rotor guarantee optimum work in different operational situations, such as shredding grass, twigs in vineyards or orchards, and any cornstalks. Hydraulic movement, With a rear open bonnet, it is good for cutting long grass, and it is easy to maintain, and change hammers.
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hydraulic flail mower supplier

hydraulic flail mower supplier

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