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Log Grabber-ZLG
best log grabber

Log Grabber-ZLG

The best log grabber evolved from a hydraulic excavator. The best log grabber is a fully automatic machine, the best log grabber can quickly and effectively grasp, load and unload large, complex, and heavy materials. The log grabber can be fixed beside the pulverizer and shredder as an assistant or added to various vehicles to load, unload and transport materials.Log grabber can fully play its role in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, crushing industry, and other places.
Product Detail

Features of the best log grabber: With the help of the rotating car body and grab, the best log grabber can realize loading and unloading without moving. The log grabber can save the time of moving back and forth, with higher operating efficiency, and all fuel consumption is a useful output. The best log grabber truly achieves high efficiency, high energy consumption, and low consumption. The rotating gripper is more flexible and can not only grasp and load operations but also sort, pick, and other operations, completing operations with high quality and efficiency.

Parameters of the best log grabber:

1. Lifting capacity 2500kg

2. Grabable range ca. 220 to 1100mm (equipment with grapple)

3. Width 1300mm

4. Max. hydraulic pressure 220 bar

Log Grabber

Log Grabber

Log Grabber

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